The Twist’d Q Guide to Unbeatable Chicken

For such a small animal, there sure are a lot of ways to make chicken taste incredible. Here, we break down each part of the bird, and let you know how to give it unbeatable flavor.

Twist'd Q Parts of a Chicken

A. Wings – Grilled wings have a whole different vibe than their fried counterparts that you might find at your local Bar & Grill. They’re juicier, smokier and, dare we say, more delicious. The key is to get a nice char on the skin, which brings a smoky flavor that’ll play well with a peppery seasoning, like our Fire Roastin’ Cajun Seasoning. This Creole-inspired seasoning has hints of garlic and paprika that can only be described as Bayou meets booyah!

B. Breast – For such a common cut of chicken, the chicken breast still finds a way to be underrated. It sounds simple to make a chicken breast, but it takes an extra bit of attention to take it over the top. To keep your chicken breasts from drying out, be sure to spritz or baste along the way. What really makes them sing is the flavor you choose to add. Our Crazy Chick Lemon Garlic Seasoning has what it takes to become your go-to chicken breast seasoning. It’s a citrusy mix of lemon and herbs that’ll bring out the zest in any bird.

C. Leg – The drumstick is no doubt a crowd favorite. To cook chicken legs worth fighting for, add our Sweet Mesquite Chicken Rub, and then grill until they have a nice char. This rub has a unique sweetness that’ll wake your taste buds right up. That, mixed with the smoky char flavor, is a can’t-miss recipe for legs that kick.

D. Thigh – This is the dark meat of the chicken and a big-time special treat for true chicken connoisseurs. It’s tender and juicy on its own, but the perfect rub can add a whole new dimension of flavor. Our Smokin’ Applewood All-Purpose Rub has just enough sweet and heat to blow your last BBQ out of the water.

Think you have chicken covered? Then fire up your grill or smoker, and tag your dishes with #MakeItUnbeatable to show us your stuff.

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