The Twist’d Q Guide to Unbeatable Beef

Behold the cow – the biggest animal in the BBQ barnyard. It’s an intimidating one to master, but we’ve got your back. Take a look at the cow, cut by cut, and we’ll show you how to get the most flavor out of every meal.

A. Loin – This section includes some of the thickest steaks, like the T-bone and the Porterhouse. Hearty steaks like those come with a lot of meat, so you’ll need to counter with a lot of flavor of your own. Our Roastin’ Garlic All-Purpose Rub packs enough garlic, sugar and peppers for that tasty trinity of savory, sweet and spicy.

B. Rib – Home of the ribeye, a favorite among steak fans. At your next cookout, catch your guests off-guard by turning that ribeye into a stir-fry. Create a stir-fry mix with bok choy, red peppers, asparagus and red onions. Season the veggies and the ribeye with our Sizzlin’ Sweet Chili Thai Seasoning, a savory-sweet blend of sea salt, coconut sugar and sesame fused with Thai spices and chilies.

C. Chuck – It’s great as a roast or a steak, but in burger form is really where the chuck shines. Our secret to making the most delicious burger is to mix in seasoning while you’re making the patty, rather than just sprinkling it on top. This makes for even flavor through and through. Our versatile Bangin’ Chophouse Burger Seasoning is a delicious blend of sea salt, course garlic, onion and dill seed that’ll knock your socks off.

D. Brisket – A slow-cooked favorite among BBQ fans far and wide. Perfect on sandwiches or straight off the serving platter. When it comes to cooking brisket, adding a rub isn’t just for flavor purposes. A good rub can help tenderize the meat as it cooks, which is important because brisket tends to be a tough piece of meat. Try this pitmaster-crafted, championship-winning Texas Bold Brisket Rub for an unbeatable blend of in-your-face flavor.

That’s a lot of meat to make, so you’d better get cooking. Fire up your grill or smoker, and tag your dishes with #MakeItUnbeatable to show us your stuff.

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