The Twist’d Q Guide to Unbeatable Fish

Seems like beef and swine get all the limelight when it comes to BBQ. Not today. We’re here to break down all the fish in the sea (or lake) and help you prepare them to perfection.

Twist'd Q guide to unbeatable fish

A. Tilapia

Fairly mild in flavor, tilapia is the perfect canvas to try out a bold seasoning. Our Hooked on Citrus Cuban Seasoning combines traditional Cuban spices with a shot of citrus that will bring out the best in your fish. Throw in an island cocktail, and you’ll feel like you’re on a tropical excursion.

B. Swordfish

This is a lean fish with a steak-like texture, so grill to medium or medium well. Rubs and seasonings should be added 20 or 30 minutes ahead of time, so the flavor has a chance to sink into the fish. We recommend trying our Brown Sugar Hickory Pork Rub. The name might throw you off, but believe us, the sugar and chili pepper in this rub will sharpen your swordfish flavor to perfection.

C. Salmon

One thing to know about salmon – the longer you cook it, the fishier it gets. Because of the range of flavor in the meat itself, a balanced, well-rounded rub is the best way to add flavor. Try our Smokin’ Applewood All-Purpose Rub for a perfect blend of cane sugar and chili peppers that’ll blow other salmon out of the water.

D. Shrimp

Sure, you can eat shrimp by itself, but we think it’s best as a role player. It fits in perfectly next to peppers on a skewer, or all sauced-up in a pasta dish. What it will need, however, is a seasoning to balance out the fish flavor. Our Insane Steak Cracked Pepper Seasoning has rosemary, garlic and a delicious bit of orange peel that will make your shrimp taste huge.

E. Tuna

Similar to Swordfish, tuna has a steak-like texture, but you want to make sure not to cook internally past medium. Give this fish a Mediterranean flair with our Crazy Chick Lemon Garlic Seasoning. This seasoning has plenty of garlic, oregano, basil, thyme and white pepper that can soak into the fish and spread the flavor, plus a bit of lemon for an added zest.

F. Halibut

The flavor profile of this fish lends itself to a spicier finished product. But be careful, it’s a delicate piece of fish. You’ll want to keep it on a low heat and oil up the grill grates so it won’t fall apart. Back to the flavor – we recommend seasoning with our Fire Roastin’ Cajun Seasoning. The cayenne, paprika, garlic, and onion give this seasoning an intense Cajun flavor that’ll kick you right in the taste buds.

G. Mahi Mahi

Another fish with a steak-like texture, but this one’s a little flakier. It’s got a strong taste, so a strong flavor like garlic can help complement the fish flavor. Lucky for you, we’ve got just the right rub. Our Roastin’ Garlic All-Purpose Rub is a special blend of roasted garlic and cracked pepper that will make your Mahi Mahi rock.

Ready to get going on your next award-winning fish? We have the recipes to get you started. Fire up your grill or smoker, and tag your dishes with #MakeItUnbeatable to show us your stuff.

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