The Twist’d Q Guide to Unbeatable Pork

There’s more than one way to cut a pig. Let our foolproof flavor guide keep your next pork adventure from going belly up.

Parts and anatomy of a pig us Twistd'Q seasonings and rubs

A. Ham

Ham comes from the pig’s hind leg. Grill with indirect heat to keep your ham from drying out, then add a little bit of sweetness. We suggest Wicked Sweet Bourbon Seasoning.

B. Loin

This tender cut from the pig’s back requires a watchful eye. It tends to dry out when it’s heated above 145 degrees. Bring a little extra complexity with Crooked Pig Cane ‘N Maple Seasoning.

C. Shoulder

The star of the show for pulled pork fans. Also known as the Boston butt. Slow-cook it at around 225 degrees, then add some Hooked on Citrus Cuban Seasoning for a little flair.

D. Ribs

A whole category of their own. Whether they’re baby back, spare or country style, different ribs offer different flavor profiles. But what’s the one thing that all ribs need? A helping of delicious rub. Try our Sweet Heat Rib Rub.

E. Belly

For perfect pork belly, smoke for six hours at about 200 degrees. One thing’s for sure: The flavor is worth the wait. Give it a fresh twist with Smokin’ Applewood All-Purpose Rub.

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