Four Reasons Why a Fall Backyard BBQ Breaks the Rules (in a Good Way)

Let’s start with one simple statement.

Rules are stupid.

We are never supposed to wear white after Labor Day.

We are never supposed to cross our legs in a business meeting.

And we’re never supposed to start a sentence with a conjunction.

These rules, like most rules are begging to a broken, so let’s break them. In fact, let’s enjoy breaking them. And, let’s add another rule to the “This soon-to-be-broken list”. We are only supposed to grill in the summer.


I’ll go even one step further. Fall is the perfect time to grill.

4 Reasons A Fall Backyard BBQ Dominates

Here are several reasons why a fall backyard bbq makes sense.

1. You should sear meat, not yourself.


It’s July. It’s crazy hot.

Being outside is oppressive.

Who decided that this would be the perfect time for an open fire?

Barbecuing should be fun and not just for the people enjoying the food. To mind the grill properly you need to be close to the heat.

In the fall, when the air is just a little crisp, being by the grill is a terrific comfort. You can focus on the food and make every offering your best with the right sear.

Also, sweat is a really bad condiment.

2. Your grill is a public service

The fall air is the perfect conduit for that awesome barbecue smell.

In the heat of the summer, the scent of a sizzling ribeye can be lost in the muggy heat.

But in the fall things change. Slap a few steaks on the grill and your neighbors will notice.

This can either lead to a cheerful unexpected visit or street-wide jealousy.

Either way, when you grill in the fall you will be the talk of the block.

3. Tis the season.

Grilling for a fall backyard bbq

Fall brings in the harvest of some great things to slap on the grill.

Squash, apples and brussel sprouts are all in season and will bring some real variety to any cookout.

Some may be judging this suggestion.

They may think that a good cut of meat is the only thing that should ever grace your grill.

Just remember, this is about breaking the rules, not following them. And grilling a few vegetables with your meat will make for a better well-rounded menu on a cool fall evening.

4. You don’t need a tailgate to tailgate.

Fall brings football and baseball’s playoffs. Both are great events.

Why not make watching the game at home just as fun as being there before kickoff or the first pitch?

Grilling in your backyard makes for a great game day. And you can take the money you save on tickets and buy more meat.

Make Autumn Your Grilling Season

In short, don’t drag your grill into storage just because the kids have gone back to school.

A delicious pork butt or a tasty filet knows no season. Why should you? Don’t be a slave to the calendar.

Become a BBQ rebel. Your family and your taste buds will thank you.

Who knows?

After getting a taste of the joys of cool weather grilling your neighbors may soon catch you knocking the snow off your grill in February.

In fact, do that just once for fun. The stares alone are worth it.