Lucky Dawgs Buffalo Chicken Dip

  • Serving Size: 4
  • Difficulty

8 oz pkg. of cream cheese
12 oz can chicken
2 Tbsp Twist’d Q™ Texas Bold Brisket Rub (Currently in stores as American Royal Beef Rub™)
1/2 cup Frank’s Red Hot sauce
8 oz cheddar cheese


  1. Preheat oven to 350°
  2. Spread an 8 oz. container of cream cheese on the bottom of 9×9 oven safe pan.
  3. Sprinkle 1 TBSP of the Texas Bold Rub seasoning over cream cheese.
  4. Drain can of chicken.
  5. In a bowl, combine chicken, the remaining portion of the Beef Rub and Frank’s Red Hot sauce (Use about 1/3 cup if you like it spicy. If you prefer it mild, only add about a 1/4 cup.)
  6. Spread chicken over cream cheese, top with cheddar cheese.*
  7. Bake for about 35 minutes or until bubbly.

*If you want a little more spice, add Frank’s to the top!