Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Breast

  • Serving Size: 4
  • Difficulty

A next-level appetizer: Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Bites

This Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Bite recipe packs flavor that’s anything but bite-sized.

Looking for an appetizer that will fly off the serving dish? These Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Bites are the type of hors d’oeuvre that your cookout guests will be talking about for parties to come. Make sure to get a few bites before you set them out for the party. They’re sure to go fast.

Sure, the bacon’s going to be the star of the show, but you can have some fun with the chicken, too. When shopping for the perfect chicken breasts, age matters. Younger chickens make for more tender meat, while older chickens have to be slow-cooked to bring the tenderness out.

To really give that chicken a shot of flavor, we’ve got the perfect rub: The Twist’d Q Sweet Mesquite Chicken Rub.

This rub is brought to you by Chad and Nicole Backerman of Caveman Cuisine. They have a simple philosophy when it comes to BBQ-ing championship chicken: Combine a perfectly cooked bird with an even, balanced rub. That simple philosophy earned them countless wins at the American Royal World Series of Barbecue®.

If that rub’s good enough for the judges at the Royal, we’d say it’s perfect for these Chicken Bites.

Bacon-wrapped Chicken Bite Follow-ups: Star Entrees

These Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Bites are a great appetizer, but how about the main course? Try these BBQ favorites:

Whatever you pair your Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Bites with, your backyard shindig is sure to be a hit.

4 boneless skinless chicken breast
4 thin cut bacon strips
1/2 cup of olive oil
1/2 cup Twist’d Q Crazy Chick Lemon Garlic Seasoning

Trim excess fat from chicken breasts, and pat dry.
Drizzle olive oil over breast then lightly apply Lemon Garlic Seasoning. (Be careful not to apply too much rub to the chicken breast, or it will be too salty.)
Wrap a single strip of bacon around each chicken breast, securing with a toothpick
Heat the grill to medium heat. Grill breasts to 160 degrees internal temperature.

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