United States BBQ Styles: How the Big Four Define America’s Favorite Dish

Some places are known for their stunning skylines or their distinctive accents. But these four regions are known for their incredible recipes that define United States BBQ Styles.

Take a tour of the defining traits of Kansas City, Texas, Memphis, and Carolina-style barbecue!

united states bbq styles

Regional Guide: United States BBQ Styles

Texas BBQ Style

The big and bold state of Texas is defined by its beef cut, sliced into brisket with a sweet and hot flavor.

Carolina BBQ Style

Pork is the name of the game here – specifically pulled pork. The Carolina’s love their Brunswick Stew and have a tender place in their heart for the Lexington Barbecue joint (if you’re there, you’d understand).

Memphis BBQ Style

In Memphis, BBQ lives and dies by paprika. They love their smoked meat. Favoring hardwood charcoal, they’ll chow down on BBQ Nachos any day.

Kansas City BBQ Style

It’s all about the sauce in Kansas City. While other joints might throw away burnt ends, Kansas City has made an art form out of cooking these morsels.