At Twist’d Q, we’re all about setting you up to BBQ like a true champion. That’s why our BBQ seasonings are created from handcrafted, competition-tested recipes by real BBQ pitmasters. We’ve got the resume — all you need to do is apply. Pork, beef, poultry, even seafood and veggies. At Twist’d Q, we don’t discriminate. Every piece of protein deserves an equal shot to sizzle.

If you’re looking to fill stomachs with BBQ and hearts with envy, get yourself some Twist’d Q before you light up the grill. And if someone asks you the secret recipe, just send ‘em our way.

Twist’d Q™ Off The Hook Fish Seasoning

Off The Hook Fish Seasoning

Hold the phone because this blend of black, white and red peppers is off the hook. It’s that spice forged with paprika, onion, garlic and sea salt that gives Off The Hook Fish seasoning its intense Creole flavor. This Twist’d Q seasoning can only be defined as Bayou meets booyah.

Twist’d Q™ Asian Fusion Seasoning

Asian Fusion Seasoning

In our globetrotting, we came across some intense Thai flavors from far out East that we just had to bring back. Asian Fusion brings you a savory-sweet blend of sea salt, coconut sugar, sesame fused with Thai spices and chiles. This seasoning is the kind of stuff only world-renown pitmasters could bring to the table.

Twist’d Q™ Crazy Chic Seasoning

Crazy Chic Seasoning

If you were a chicken, you’d want to be cooked in this stuff. Sounds crazy, but this unique zesty lemon seasoning for chicken combines sea salt, oregano, basil, thyme and garlic to bring out the best in any bird. Look, we’ve all had BBQ chicken that just didn’t fly. Guarantee your chicken is the talk of the table with Crazy Chic seasoning.

Twist'd Q™ Crooked Pig Seasoning

Crooked Pig Seasoning

If you’ve ever been to the South, you know a lot of rule-breakers are from that neck of the woods. Maybe that’s why our Crooked Pig Memphis-style BBQ seasoning breaks away from tradition with a sweet twist of maple and cane sugars, plus a pinch of coriander, cinnamon and thyme for some serious complexity.

Twist’d Q™ Insane Steak Seasoning

Insane Steak Seasoning

Want a proper BBQ? Then properly season that steak. Not just any seasoning, but a seasoning that will leave your guests saying, “Whoa, that steak was insane.” Insane Steak seasoning combines rosemary and basil with unexpected flavors like tomato and orange peel zest. The result? An insanely good piece of meat.

Twist’d Q™ Magic Mojo Seasoning

Magic Mojo Seasoning

Pronounced “mo-ho,” this Cuban seasoning dances the tango across your taste buds. Magic Mojo combines traditional Latin spices blended with coconut sugar, coarse sea salt, garlic and cumin. Not to mention that intense pop of orange, lime and cilantro. Throw in a Cuban cigar after dinner, and you’re all set.

Twist’d Q™ Bent Burger Seasoning

Bent Burger Seasoning

Don’t go out for your next burger. Go all out with Twist’d Q’s Bent Burger seasoning. A delicious blend of sea salt, course garlic, onion and dill seed will knock your father-in-law’s knee-high socks right off. Could it be the best burger in town? Only one way to find out.

Twist’d Q™ Wicked Sweet Bourbon Seasoning

Wicked Sweet Bourbon Seasoning

There’s no doubt that a little whiskey can make you weak in the knees. Wicked Sweet Bourbon blends sea salt, brown sugar, molasses and small-batch bourbon together to give your mouth a straight shot of unbeatable flavor. For top-shelf pork chops, add some Wicked Sweet Bourbon to the mix.


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