Twist’d Q sauces are created from handcrafted, competition-tested recipes by real BBQ pitmasters. The guys and gals who have taken top honors at competitions like the American Royal World Series of BBQ in Kansas City. These unbeatable flavors range from sweet to savory to a little bit spicy. They’re perfect for slathering on thick or dipping your favorite cut of meat.

Twist'd Q™ Carolina BBQ Sauce

Carolina BBQ Sauce

Sweet heat meets that unique vinegar-y tang with our authentic Carolina-style sauce. These original flavors came straight from our competition sauce at the American Royal World Series of BBQ. This style is typically served on pork shoulder or ribs, but our Carolina-style sauce does not discriminate. Slather it on your pulled chicken or chicken wings for unbeatable BBQ flavor.

Twist'd Q™ Kansas City BBQ Sauce

Kansas City BBQ Sauce

Kansas City BBQ has won more awards than you can shake a skewer at. We took those same award-winning flavors that stole the top prize at the American Royal World Series of BBQ to craft our Kansas City-style sauce. Brown sugar, apple cider vinegar and a zesty blend of spices make this sauce absolutely unbeatable.

Twist'd Q™ Memphis BBQ Sauce

Memphis BBQ Sauce

Ever been to Memphis? Buckle up because this BBQ sauce is ready to take you there.This American Royal World Series of BBQ sauce blends brown sugar, molasses, vinegar and pepper for sweet and spicy notes that belong in a blues solo. Make music in your mouth with our Memphis-style sauce from Twist’d Q.

Twist'd Q™ Texas BBQ Sauce

Texas BBQ Sauce

They say everything’s bigger in Texas. If they’re talking about the big, bold flavor of our Texas-style sauce, then we couldn’t agree more. This bold, smoky sauce gets its swagger from competition teams hailing from the Lone Star state. The same teams that took home top honors at the American Royal World Series of BBQ. Lay it on thick to brisket, ribs or chicken.