Ten Easy Steps: How to Cook St. Louis Ribs


Arguably the pinnacle of the barbecue food chain. When cooked right, the meat falls off the bone and the flavor is a marvelous blend of smoke and spices, sweet, and tangy.

Some people are intimidated by ribs – they can turn out dry, tough, or charred to a crisp.

Tender & Juicy: How to Cook St. Louis Ribs

Well, no more – with these pro tips your next rack of ribs will be everything you dreamed they could be and more.

  1. Remove membrane: This is the outer layering of the ribs, and it will be taken off before cooking. Once you get it started, you can peel it off using your fingers.
  2. Holes: Poke small holes into the rib cut with a fork (both sides).
  3. Apply yellow mustard: Brush evenly lengthwise. Why yellow mustard, you ask? Among other things, it helps the rub stick and apply evenly. It also helps the meat retain moisture, and adds a little flavor though you won’t be able to pick it out as mustard.
  4. Rub it in: Apply our Sweet Heat Rib Rub to both sides. Spread liberally.
  5. Soak wood chips: Use about six cups.
  6. Light it up: Throw some charcoal onto one side of your grill, and stack the wet wood chips on top. Put the lid on and build up smoke.
  7. Mix it: Mix up four cups of water and one quarter cup of our rib rub into a small aluminum pan.
  8. Put it all on: Place pan directly on coals, put the grill on top and “shingle” the ribs over the pan to directly absorb the smoke. Keep the grill at around 225 – 250°F.
  9. Smoke 4-6 hours: Flip ribs as needed.
  10. Make it sweet: Lather on your favorite BBQ sauce for the final touches.

Make the Ribs Your Own


Ready to try it yourself?

Read more about how to cook ribs, St. Louis style.

And be sure to stock up on the rubs and sauces you’ll need.