The Father of All Drink Pairings

Father’s Day might be the most important grilling holiday of the year (OK, maybe second in line behind the Fourth of July, but you get the idea), and no family feast is complete without a little refreshment.

Take this opportunity to grill up the best meat and pair it with the tastiest libations under the hot summer sun.

Beer + Burger

Look, some dads like to keep it simple, and we aren’t arguing with that. If he’s one of those “I stick to my domestic light beer and nothing else, thank you very much” types of dads, take this holiday as an opportunity to broaden his horizons. A hoppy IPA can bring out the pepper and herbs in our Bangin’ Chophouse Burger Seasonings for an all-out taste bud blitz.

Steak + Wine

Dad pretends he drinks red wine because it’s high-class, but we all know his doctor just recommended it for the antioxidants. Either way, a little steak and vino pairing is a nice way to make Father’s Day dinner feel a little more like a celebration. When it comes to choosing that wine, the herbs in your steak seasoning are the key. For example, the rosemary in our Insane Steak Cracked Pepper Seasoning goes great with a Pinot Noir or Merlot.

Whiskey + Ribs

Tennessee whiskey can be a little on the sweeter side, which complements that smoky rib flavor perfectly. How about adding our Sweet Heat Rib Rub to round it out? A rub from Arkansas and whiskey from Tennessee make your meal like a road trip through the South, right in your backyard.

Iced Tea + Chicken

Leaving liquor out of the equation? Iced tea paired with the blend of spices in our Crazy Chick Lemon Garlic Seasoning is a great way to stay cool in the summer heat without sacrificing flavor. Our Spatchcock Chicken With Grilled Lemon recipe is a great place to start.

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