If Mom Cooks This Mother’s Day, You’re a Bad Son/ Daughter/ Husband

Mom will love you no matter what. But she has a legitimate excuse to love you less if you don’t cook for her this Mother’s Day.

OK, that’s a stretch. Mom could never love you less. You could probably drive a truck through a baby animal petting zoo and she’d still love you. But the point is that Mom has cooked hundreds, if not thousands, of meals for her family. Delicious, home-cooked-with-love meals of your most favorite things on the planet like spaghetti, meat loaf, fried chicken, cheesy casserole and more! Isn’t it time you put in 1/1,000 of the effort and cook for Mom this holiday?

Glad you agree. Now, as for what to cook, we’ve gift-wrapped the most delicious and easy three-course meal to tickle Mom’s taste buds and tug on her heartstrings. Without further ado, we present Crazy Grilled Chicken Breasts, Grilled Corn and Roasted Pepper Potatoes.

The cool thing is, these recipes give you the perfect excuse to bust out the grill. Not for you, but in honor of Mom of course. Just make sure you tie a nice little bow around this Mother’s Day gift by doing the dishes afterward.

Hey, no complaining!